Creality WiFi Cloud Box Real Time Remote Control 3D Printing

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Creality WiFi Cloud Box Real-Time Remote Control 3D Printing

Mark Cheng, the project manager of Creality Cloud, said “Creality Cloud is going to be the most versatile 3D printing APP in the marketing. When matched with a self-developed Wi-Fi box by Creality, Creality Cloud will support the online printing/online slicing/online model library. In addition, Creality Cloud also has an interactive social function which will enable users to directly reach other professional designers/makers, Creality engineers, and even real-time online customer service from Creality.”


Creality Box Features

One-click to open the ERA of Intelligent Could Print

Equipped with a high-performance master control chip, the 3D printer is seamlessly connected to the Cloud Server, bringing an efficient transmission experience.


Efficient Transmission, Signal Stabilization

Creality Box supports multiple connection modes, making it much easier to use. It quickly transmits the Cresality Box instructions and G-code file to the 3D printer. Wireless 3D printing brings more convenience.


Real-time Remote Control

After connected to the Creality Box, your 3d printer can realize real-time remote control and printing monitoring, relevant parameters set up directly by the APP of Creality Cloud.


The Best Match for 3D Printing: Creality Box + Creality Cloud

There are many model files that are included in Creality Cloud, covering culture, art, education, industry, medical and other fields, together with Creality Box, which truly becomes a mobile cloud model gallery.


Easy to connect: No worries of 3D Printing

Connect the 3D printer to the USB port on the Creality Box, and you can start slicing and printing on the Creality Cloud APP, which is easy to get started.


Operation steps

Insert TF card- Connect the 3D Printer-Connect the box power supply-Turn on the printer switch-Download the Creality Cloud APP-Scan code to add Creality Box-Network configuration within the APP-Start printing.


Tiny Body & Huge Power

Box Size: 64x90x20mm


Package Includes:

  • 1 x Creality WiFi Box
  • 1 x Micro USB Cable
  • 1 x Product Manual

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