HQProp 4.8x3.4x4 PC Propeller (Set of 4 - Gray)

  • $6.00

HQProp has developed a new type of 4-blade propeller that was designed for tight cornering and insane grip. The slightly reduced size at 4.8" and reduced pitch pair perfectly with the addition of the fourth blade. 

Most 4-blade propellers struggle with durability, but HQProp has made this propeller tough and durable in order to withstand racing conditions.



Specifications Length: 4.8 inch Pitch: 3.4 inch Blades: 4 Material: PC Rotation: CW, CCW Hub ID: 5mm Includes 2x HQProp 4.8X3.4X4 CW Propeller 2x HQProp 4.8X3.4X4 CCW Propeller